Spot RC

The Spot RC for roller cone bit designs utilizes formation information generated from GeoScience and bit cutting structure designs from RC Layout. It predicts how effective the cutting structure is at failing the rock based on input drilling parameters and variables from the bit designer. Operating parameter inputs allow the designer to virtually approximate ROP and cutting structure life in different formations and drilling conditions.

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Spot RC is a combination of three programs working independently from each other to virtually drill with a roller cone bit. Geoscience is a powerful tool to characterize formation lithologies from customer supplied drilling information. RC Layout allows the engineer to develop a cutting structure and bearing package for a specific application. Varel’s Spot RC uses information from Geoscience and RC Layout to virtually drill the rock and predict how effective the design is at failing the rock.

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Engineers collect data from the field for use with Geoscience, RC Layout, and Spot RC. Geoscience helps determine the rock unconfined compressive strength. RC Layout with engineering input provides a cutting structure as a starting point for improvement. The drilling data from the mine’s drills helps define Spot RC inputs, WOB, RPM, Torque, and ROP to help simulate the virtual drilling with real world parameters.

Table Image

The Spot RC output gives us cone loadings along with heat signatures on the cones to help engineers see where the cutting structure requires attention. This information is then fed back into RC Layout and the cutting structure updated. When the updated design is complete, Spot RC is run again to generate output. This progression is repeated until the design for the application is completed. Reducing the design time and eliminating the costly testing of prototype products in the mine to prove a design.

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