VIBES allows engineers to simulate drillstring vibrations with a particular focus on the drillbit.

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Design drillstrings from the top to the bottom

VIBES allows application engineers to easily handle drill strings, simulation parameters, and resulting vibration data. It comes with a BHA editor & database for modeling complex BHA designs

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Generate time response results

VIBES computes the time response of relevant dynamic variables in the system such as RPM, WOB, TOB, bit centerline trajector, stick-slip intensity, stick-slip period, accelerations, hole coverage, etc...

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Generate stability maps

VIBES computes stability maps which quantify the risk of stick-slip in the RPM-WOB domain thus providing safe drilling zones.

Combined with the stick-slip stability map, the ROP performance map is a useful tool to find optimal drilling paths in the RPM-WOB domain by minimizing stick-slip and simultaneously maximizing ROP. 

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