DIG-IT is dedicated to run drill bit simulations in complex drilling scenarios such as curve bit applications either with RSS or bent motor (sliding or rotating phases). It allows bit engineers to analyze how bit cutting parts as well as non-cutting parts interact with the rock formation in a full 3D framework.

Table Image

A full 3D bit simulator

DIG-IT allows application engineers to handle the 3D CAD models of drill bits to gain maximum accuracy on simulated bit/rock interactions like gauge contacts or blade-top contacts.

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Dedicated to complex drilling scenarios

Thanks to powerful computational geometry algorithm, DIG-IT is able to capture both the irregular and complex bottomhole patterns inherent to bent-motor rotating phases and ultra-thin contact surfaces as in the case of point-the-bit applications.

Table Image

Interpret results at cutter scale and bit scale

DIG-IT computes both local and global forces based on the exact 3D geometry of the bit/rock interactions.

The application engineer can generate rubbing curves to find the optimal drilling regime for each bit design; dynamic curves to anallyze bit stability or spider graphs to grade bit designs according to criteria like steerability, stability, aggressiveness, etc...

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