AETT Landing

A PDC round indenter is pushed against the PDC cutter diamond table and a load applied by the indenter is increased at a constant rate. As the load increases, cracks will start developing within the diamond table of the PDC cutter. Each time a new crack nucleates or grows it is releasing an amount of energy under the form of sound waves. Special detectors are measuring the intensity of those waves and the associated energy level. The energy released as sound waves is collected by a special computer which returns a number used to define the AETT score of the PDC cutter being tested.

Features / Benefits

Superior Testing
The AETT test is much more accurate than any traditional impact test utilized in the industry. It has superior resolution which no other current impact test can match. The AETT test also has the capability to determine minute differences in PDC cutters and can be used to qualify PDC cutters for manufacturing purposes.


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