IMPACTS consist of 4 proprietary software packages each designed to enhance the designers ability to develop drill bits for specific applications. These software packages are not limited to just bit design and can be used in support of bit performance and drilling efficiency. The four pieces of software are GEOSCIENCE, SPOT-DN, VIBES, and DIG-IT.

Features / Benefits


A powerful tool to characterize formation lithology’s and mechanical constraints from customer supplied E-logs and drilling logs. GeoScience can be adapted to any drilling basin in the world and allows various graphics and data exports to be generated while providing a detailed report for use in SPOT-DN.



As a decision support tool, it evaluates the drill bit performance from user defined selection of cutters, bit features, and bit body design. The interface fully describes the PDC bit and cutter geometry along with material properties. Bit behavior is simulated in real drilling conditions including mud, borehole, and operating parameters while generating ROP information, bit steerability, bit walk tendencies, and bit life through the formations provided by GeoScience.

SPOT DN Graphic


Simulates vibrations at the drill bit and is a solution finder for bit design optimization. Vibes allows engineers to handle different drill strings and operating parameters while viewing vibration data based on operating parameters. Vibes can compute stability maps quantifying stick-slip in the RPM-WOB domain providing output to minimize stick-slip and maximizing ROP.

Vibes Graphic


Drill bit and formation interaction are done in 3D providing advanced solutions during drill bit design and optimization. 3D models are used in the analysis process to simulate the drill bit and wellbore creating a drilled hole supplying information of cutting forces, volume of rock removed, and associated force vectors. DIG-IT results are then fed directly back into SPOT-DN to improve the bit design.