Force³™ Cutter Technology

Varel Force3 cutter technology provides data that allows designers to compare an array of PDC cutters for a specific solution to your drilling needs. As a results you get a bit that is designed for maximum performance for your unique application and ultimate value for your bottom line.

Features / Benefits

Harnessing Data
We analyze each cutter’s ability to handle thermal stability, abrasion resistance, and impact strength. The ability to precisely select PDC cutters based on attributes can significantly improve ROP and bit life.

Superior Process
Laboratory testing and wellbore analysis aligns using a suite of patented technologies. These test precisely measure and compare cutters so that thermal, abrasion and impact properties are fully understood and optimized for the formation and drilling objectives.

Vertical Turret Lathe (VTL)
The VTL is a heavy industrial machine modified to examine the relationship between PDC thermal and abrasion characteristics. It is capable of cutting rock at speeds and loads that exceed the use of PDC in the field. The machine is equipped with load cells, computer data gathering, and cameras. The cameras document cutter wear and failure modes at specific intervals for each cutter tested.

Acoustic Emission Toughness Test (AETT)
The AETT measures the strength of a PDC cutter. This patented test investigates the strength of a PDC’s diamond to diamond bond by applying an increasing load to the cutter and measuring acoustic emissions from resulting micro fractures. A brittle cutter will fracture more readily than a ductile cutter producing a larger acoustic reading.