The Acoustic Emissions Toughness Test is a tool used to evaluate the toughness or impact strength of Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) cutters. This patented technology was entirely developed by Varel engineers.

Stand-alone proprietary software for modeling cutting structure interaction with formation lithology.

The sub can be placed anywhere in the string to record multiple downhole operating variables and then downloaded by computer connection for analysis once the sub is back on surface.

Information gathered from proprietary testing methods allows Varel designers to compare PDC cutters for use in specific applications.

A suite of proprietary software developed by Varel to support the advancement of drill bit design.

Varel products are backed by extensive laboratory testing in the Houston Technology Center. Component and materials testing can be done in the Technology Center before and during the manufacturing process guaranteeing manufactured as designed products to the oil and gas industry.

Proprietary software developed to enhance roller cone cutting structure design, bearing design, and also serves as our Roller Cone Engineering Design Database.

Varel’s proprietary seal test machine is designed to test various aspects of a roller cone seal while experiencing real downhole operating conditions.

Vertical Turret Lathe (VTL) is a machine currently used by Varel to quantify the abrasion resistance and thermal stability of Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) cutters in a laboratory environment.