DuraTech builds on the advancements of the High Energy product line and incorporates the changes in a steel tooth bit product line. With the ability to operate at the extremes of operating parameters, DuraTech delivers higher ROP, extended bit life, and increased footage drilled.

Features / Benefits

Patented Bearing Seal
A patented conical seal gland design handles pressure fluctuations better and still maintains a preferred dynamic location and interface for the seal. The design is also complimented by a heat shield that is deployed between the seal and inner bearing. This shield provides lower seal operating temperatures leading to longer seal life.

Improved Bearing
Engineers developed a bearing system to support higher loads which resulted in a more robust and tighter tolerance journal bearing.

Enhanced Hard Metal
A new hard metal material is welded to DuraTech bits for added durability and long life. Hard metal technology has increased the application amounts by more than 20% in critical areas of the bit increasing cutting structure life and footage drilled.

Increased Wear Resistance
New shirttail hard metal that significantly increased wear resistance in critical areas of the bit has been added.


For specifications, application solutions, and DuraTech availability please contact your local Varel Oil & Gas representative.