Roller Cone Bits

A dedicated roller bearing product line for large diameter drilling with Tungsten Carbide Inserts or Steel Teeth cutting structures. Available in sizes from 14” to 45”.

Tungsten Carbide Insert or Steel Teeth sealed journal bearing bits for higher energy applications with increased rotary speeds, increased weight on bit, or both. Available in sizes from
7 1/2” to 13 3/4”.

Slimhole series of Tungsten Carbide Insert and Steel Teeth sealed journal bearing products designed for straight hole or directional drilling on stick pipe, motors, or coiled tubing applications. Available in sizes from
3 3/4” to 7 1/4".

Hybrid roller cone design with both a Tungsten Carbide Insert and Steel Teeth cutting structure for drilling frac plugs and other plugs typically used in horizontal drilling. Available in sizes from 3 5/8” to 5”.

A dedicated product line for underbalanced drilling with air, water mist, and/or foam fluid systems. Available in sizes from 6 1/4” to
12 1/4”.

Industry leading steel teeth roller cone bits for re-entry and remedial operations. Available in sizes from
2 7/8” to 26”.

Varel offers a variety of bit features for Roller Cone bits that may enhance bit performance for your particular application.

Our nomenclature chart explains the naming convention associated with Roller Cone Products.

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