Drilling with FUSION+ optimizes performance and avoids a trip to change bits. The design is particularly effective in less consolidated sandstones or when drilling from a softer formation into a harder and more abrasive formation.

Features / Benefits

Controlled Atmosphere Infiltration
Controlled temperature environment reduces oxidation and graphitization to improve bit wear characteristics and durability.

Prevents diamond aggregates and reduces areas of low diamond concentration to a more uniform stone distribution within the matrix material.

Diamond Impregnated HIP Segments
Undergo a sintering process to achieve reduce porosity and are then placed in the face of the bit in specific patterns determined by SPOT-DN.

Force3 Cutters
Superior testing methods provide the best cutter for the application. In harder formations as the cutters wear down the HIP segments are exposed to the formation providing a dual cutting action.

Optimum Hydraulics
Each impregnated bit design undergoes extensive computational fluid dynamics evaluation to ensure that re-grinding and re-circulation of cuttings is eliminated.


For specifications, application solutions, and FUSION+ availability please contact your local Varel Oil & Gas representative.

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