Diamond Edge®

Its unique cutting structure layout adds another dimension to bit stability and smooth running by combining the penetration rate potential of traditional “single set” cutter layout with the life extending features of a “plural set” cutter layout.

Features / Benefits

Extended Range
Penetrating quickly in low bit weights in softer rock and when formations firm up the bits can take added weight with a smooth torque response and maintain higher that competitive rates of penetration.

Force3 Cutters
Superior proprietary cutter testing methods provide the best cutter for any challenge.

Enhanced Stability
Varel has extended the advantages of an asymmetric blade cutting structure in control of bit vibration by adding a defined plural cutter blade asymmetry. This proprietary approach enhances both stability and penetration rate.

Steel Option
Steel body designs are inherently faster and more aggressive than matrix.


For specifications, application solutions, and Diamond Edge availability please contact your local Varel Oil & Gas representative.