Fixed Cutter Bits

MARKSMAN Directional Drill Bits series designed to deliver consistent yields regardless of the directional drive system.

The shaped cutter revolution has begun and Varel Oil & Gas Drill Bits is leading the way with four unique shapes for different applications.

HYDRA, an applications program combining technologies to produce the most efficient PDC bit in the market with optimized cutting structures, junk slot design, and hydraulics for every design.

A directional product for tangent, curve, or lateral applications. Manufactured in matrix or steel and available with HYDRA design principals for increased performance in specific applications.

Specific matrix or steel body designs for drilling through interbedded soft and hard formations of transition zone applications. Often incorporating backup cutters for extra durability. HYDRA is an option for some applications.

Impregnated diamond bits that allow materials and designs to be adjusted to abrasive applications. A unique flexible design and manufacturing philosophy allow quick product iteration based on dull bit analysis.

Fusion+ adds premium Force3 PDC cutters for a hybrid design with a dual cutting structure, diamond impregnated matrix and PDC cutters. For applications where abrasive rock follows softer formation drilling but you don't want to pull for a bit change.

WISE bits incorporate PDC cutting elements with both round and oval geometries to enhance bit performance in specific applications.

Designed as a casing drill bit or can be used as a casing guide shoe. Either use helps you get your casing to bottom with a standard PDC drillable head that assures complete bha pass through when drilled out.

Varel leads the way in core bit technology with PDC, natural diamond, TSP, and diamond impregnated optimized cutting structures and hydraulics for every design.

Varels’ bi-center bits are designed to enlarge the wellbore by drilling 15 to 25 percent larger than the pass through wellbore in all types of PDC drillable formations. Available in matrix or steel body configurations.

Varel offers a variety of bit features for Fixed Cutter bits that may enhance bit performance for your particular application.

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