Fixed Cutter Bits

Directional product for tangent, curve, or lateral and any combination of those applications.

Purpose built straight hole drill bit product for drilling through interbedded soft and hard formations of transition zones.

A flexible series of impregnated diamond bits that allow materials and designs to be quickly adjusted to abrasive applications.

Fusion+ adds premium Force3 PDC cutters for a hybrid design with dual cutting structure.

A patented PDC drill bit design to run at high penetration rates even in applications that call for higher blade and cutter counts.

WISE bits incorporate PDC cutting elements with both round and oval geometries.

Varels’ bi-center bits are designed to enlarge the wellbore by drilling 15 to 25 percent larger than the pass through wellbore in all types of PDC drillable formations.

Varel can offer a variety of uniquely designed bits and core bits manufactured for your application.

Varel offers a variety of bit features for Fixed Cutter bits that may enhance bit performance for your particular application.

Our nomenclature chart explains the naming convention associated with Fixed Cutter Products.