Say Hello to the Curves of Your Dreams

Formations with high clay content are known to cause severe bit balling due to their sticky consistency. Varel’s new curved nozzle technology is designed specifically for use in these clay-heavy formation. These nozzles direct fluid flow based on their orientation and can be rotated 360° when installing to accommodate the proper position along the face of a blade or down the junk slot. This combination of a lateral jet and fluid direction takes advantage of existing fluid energy without sacrificing TFA.

Varel curved nozzle technology is fully interchangeable with standard nozzles and requires no additional design time, allowing for rapid delivery. The nozzles are available in 55 and 65 series sizes and can be used with Varel’s Raider® and Voyager® product lines. For more information, see our Curved Nozzle bulletin or contact your local Varel representative

Out With the Old, in With the New
Look at that bit! It is so BIG!

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