As the result of voluntarily participating in a multiyear national program for business and industry, Varel International de Mexico was recently awarded Mexico’s Clean Industry certification. The manufacturing facility manufactures Fixed Cutter, Roller Cone, and picks used in the oil and gas and Mining and construction industries. The plan is comprised of 174,000 square feet of industrial space and employees approximately 680 employees.

Mexico's Clean Industry certification is obtained through an initiative that was put into place in 1992. In that year, PROFEPA, the country’s federal organ that is responsible for fulfilling the important mission of protecting Mexico’s environmental integrity, established “El Programa Nacional de Auditoria Ambiental” (PNAA), or, as it is known in English, the National Program for Environmental Audit. The Mexico Clean Industry certification program, as it is commonly referred to, began as an effort that was limited in scope. It sought to safeguard the nation’s ecological balance by focusing its attention, primarily, on those industries that could have the most potentially adverse effects on Mexico’s environment.