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Welcome back to our Ibos France team!

Welcome back to our Ibos France team!

Thanks to a risk prevention plan (business continuity plan) defined by our HSE Manager and presented to the unions and staff representatives last week, our Ibos Plant is back up and running!

A small but strong team of volunteers came back to work to restart manufacturing (with regards to the safety procedures to ensure health and safety) with engagement and conviction.

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Varel International Energy Services COVID-19 Update

Varel International Energy Services COVID-19 Update
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20 March 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

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Varel International Energy Services announces multi-million-dollar investment from Blue Water Energy

Varel International Energy Services announces multi-million-dollar investment from Blue Water Energy


18 March 2020 

Varel International Energy Services announces multi-million-dollar investment from Blue Water Energy

  • Varel to use investment to regain status as one of world’s leading international O&G suppliers
  • India & Middle East targeted as key growth markets
  • Derek Nixon succeeds Guillermo Aponte as President and new CEO; Former CEO Jim Nixon returns as Non-Executive Chairman
  • Derek Nixon, new CEO of VIES, said: “Partnering with Blue Water Energy gives us the impetus to really drive growth across the company. Our aim is to restore Varel to the top of the industry.”

Varel International Energy Services, the international supplier to the Oil & Gas industry, has announced a multi-million-dollar investment from Blue Water Energy, the international private equity firm that specialises in the energy sector.

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DrillPerf - Real Time Drilling Dysfunctions Detection Based on Surface Data

DrillPerf - Real Time Drilling Dysfunctions Detection Based on Surface Data
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Real time monitoring of drilling operations has added value and with increasing cost per foot of well bores due to their complexity it makes real time monitoring of drilling operations a key element of drilling cost reduction. With the emergence of rig sensors, WITSML, and the capturing of data with MWD systems, the industry is actively working to increase the utilization of real time data to support drilling decisions in control rooms and real-time operation centers (RTOCs). One of the main purposes of these data centers is to support drilling teams in their decision-making process.

The ability to detect drilling dysfunctions immediately helps to prevent catastrophic failures of BHA components, to reduce NPT and to increase on-bottom time. Up to now, drilling dynamics problems such as stick-slip, bouncing or whirl required downhole data for timely mitigation. However, the collection of downhole data required the usage of expensive data recorders that represented an additional cost and an additional risk of BHA problem. Thanks to the increase of the volume of data collected by mud logging companies and the development of sophisticated algorithms, Varel has developed a drilling dysfunction detection method using only surface data. It is called DrillPerf.

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Clean Industry Certificate


As the result of voluntarily participating in a multiyear national program for business and industry, Varel International de Mexico was recently awarded Mexico’s Clean Industry certification. The manufacturing facility manufactures Fixed Cutter, Roller Cone, and picks used in the oil and gas and Mining and construction industries. The plan is comprised of 174,000 square feet of industrial space and employees approximately 680 employees.

Mexico's Clean Industry certification is obtained through an initiative that was put into place in 1992. In that year, PROFEPA, the country’s federal organ that is responsible for fulfilling the important mission of protecting Mexico’s environmental integrity, established “El Programa Nacional de Auditoria Ambiental” (PNAA), or, as it is known in English, the National Program for Environmental Audit. The Mexico Clean Industry certification program, as it is commonly referred to, began as an effort that was limited in scope. It sought to safeguard the nation’s ecological balance by focusing its attention, primarily, on those industries that could have the most potentially adverse effects on Mexico’s environment.

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Houston Habitat for Humanity



Houston has experienced some mass devastation in 2017. Hurricane Harvey impacted families and friends all over the Houston area. Families were displaced from their homes, belongings were ruined, lives were ripped apart, but the Houston community came together as one. Strangers rapidly became friends as Texans suported Texans. People from all over the country came to the resuce to help those in need. 

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Out With the Old, in With the New

These engineers of ours are great at designing bits, but websites…not so much. We know we’ve been behind the times with our website but no more! Varel Oil & Gas Drill Bits has launched its new website at Here you’ll find our full range of technologies, products, and features as well as regional contact information. We’ve always been here to help with any drill bit needs, but now we’re doing it in style! Check out our sister company at

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Say Hello to the Curves of Your Dreams

Say Hello to the Curves of Your Dreams

Formations with high clay content are known to cause severe bit balling due to their sticky consistency. Varel’s new curved nozzle technology is designed specifically for use in these clay-heavy formation. These nozzles direct fluid flow based on their orientation and can be rotated 360° when installing to accommodate the proper position along the face of a blade or down the junk slot. This combination of a lateral jet and fluid direction takes advantage of existing fluid energy without sacrificing TFA.

Varel curved nozzle technology is fully interchangeable with standard nozzles and requires no additional design time, allowing for rapid delivery. The nozzles are available in 55 and 65 series sizes and can be used with Varel’s Raider® and Voyager® product lines. For more information, see our Curved Nozzle bulletin or contact your local Varel representative

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Look at that bit! It is so BIG!

Look at that bit! It is so BIG!

Varel Oil & Gas Drill Bits has commercially launched their newest roller cone drill bit product line, the large diameter Everest™. Everest bits are a new generation of sealed and non-sealed roller bearing drill bits specifically designed for drilling surface and intermediate hole sections. Ranging from 14-3/4” to a staggering 45” diameter, these high performance bits come with a range of features including Varel’s patented EdgeGuard™ tungsten carbide microshields for the most advanced shirttail protection available.

Everest also provides a new, high temperature grease formula, Varel’s patented pressure attenuator for enhanced seal protection and bit life, and carbonate grade carbide inserts for those tough carbonate formations. Regardless of your operational or economic objective, there is an Everest bit ready to deliver solutions. For more information, see the Everest brochure or contact your local Varel representative.

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